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“I give you my words, the purest part of me. The purest part of my heart, that pumps my arteries. The little spark when the world gets too dark for me, when the circle of life gets to hard for me”. In his raspy baritone voice, Cashes Moor lyrics entails the pain and anguish of a forgotten man. Incarcerated at 17 years old for murder, robbery and use of a firearm arm, Cashes was sentenced to Life plus 62 years around some of the worst gangsters in Virginia history. He became a survivor, and learned thru rap music how to ascend, to learn to project his dreams of just being heard, understood accepted in a society that discarded him before he even had a voice.

Cashes speaks for those souls, the people that was never given a chance to bloom, confined within the boundaries of racism, social and financial status. He exudes principles, discipline, respect for all walks of life, for he was raised in a place where lack of empathy meant violence. He speaks for his “ Bros” serving life in penal systems world wide for the length of his sentence implies he understands their stories, far beyond an average sublime rap quote, for he was himself lost in the system .
He speaks for the homeless in which he often goes to street corners and subway stations to feed and clothe them. He speaks for single mothers that were abused by the men they loved. For the children hoping to lead them toward the right path of education, for those of the alternatives lifestyle, for they themselves have always been misunderstood and for the street brothers that when they see him, they only refer to him as O.G.

This is an upcoming artist that has seen it, heard it, and more importantly, lived it and with the opportunity, he will speak for us…in his words…Factz



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